Sustainable thinking is important to us. After a lot of consideration we choose to have bamboo as the main material in all of our clothes. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Bamboo can grow in a very poor soil that isn’t suitable for any other plantation.

  • It is naturally resilient to bacteria and fungus so no pesticides are needed when cultured. It can grow over 1 meter in just one day – no other plant grows this quickly.

  • The plant does not need any fertilizers. On the contrary, if you fertilize, the fibres are of lower quality.

  • Bamboo doesn’t need any watering.

  • Bamboo absorbs 5% more carbon dioxide than other plants and give out 35% more oxygen than other plants like it.

  • Bamboo is a sort of grass. When it is harvested the root stays in the ground, starts growing again and therefore erosion is prevented.

  • If you compare it with cotton, it gives 10 times more in return on the same surface.

  • The textile material of bamboo in 100% degradable.

                                                                                            (Information taken from the Swedish association for nature conservation)


Besides all of these fabulous things, the material of bamboo viscose has a soft silky feeling agains your skin. It is breathable and perfect to sleep in. It's hard to choose another material once you tried it...